SALVECO DISINFECTION: 100% biodegradable and Plant-based


Whether in B2B or B2C markets such as specialized organic retail, expectations are the same: a need for efficient healthy hygiene products, free of any controversial substances (PE, VOC, allergens, etc.) and without dangerous side effects on health. Regulation (Reach, BPR, CLP, …)  are progressively limiting or drastically or prohibiting the use of  dangerous ingredients and petrochemical derivatives in biocide products,. These restrictions pose several problems for companies in the sector. Fortunately, with SALVECO’s unique know-how, fruit of more than 20 years of experience exclusively in plant-based chemistry, and it’s innovative biocide formulas, SALVECO offers new solutions to the marketplace.

For some, the sustainability of their business depends on the must to rethink their products to reach the market needs, user expectations and French and European regulations; and for others, the challenge is leadership (playing the first roles) with the need to demonstrate their innovative capacity.

SALVECO’s disinfectant formulas:

• are 100% plant-based

• contain no petrochemical derivatives (solvent, synthetic fragrances, ...)

• are totally biodegradable on the entire formula into substances that have no toxicity for humans and the environment

• contain no toxic VOCs

• are alcohol-free


Today, in France, in Europe and internationally, SALVECO’s disinfectant formulas are on high demand.

A few recent examples :

The Gilbert laboratories unveiled with great fanfare their latest innovation developed with SALVECO’s biocide technology : Bactidose Green, "Le désinfectant des touche-à-tout!" (The disinfectant for those who touch everything !). In February, it was impossible to miss Gilbert’s advertising campaign with a total of 649 billboards across train stations, subways busses and other urban placements throughout France. Some of which are impressive in size!

In October 2017, Hygios, SALVECO’s own brand foam hand sanitizer premiered at Biocoop, france n°1 organic store chain. In January 2018 Hygios also distinguished itself by taking the 1st place in the ranking of Femme Actuelle magazines’s top antiseptic hand sanitizers. .

Another recent happening: SURE Handwash and SURE Handwash Free, both SALVECO based hand sanitizing products for professionals were  launched by Diversey, world  leader in professional hygiene. These petrochemical-free formulas are perfectly compatible with Intellicare, Diversey's latest innovative dosing system, further proof of SALVECO’s technological know-how.


In a historical and regular way, SALVECO demonstrates the harmlessness of its formulas and the commercial and economic durability of their placing on the market. In 2017, three clinical studies were conducted on SALVECO biocide products by independent laboratories and renowned research organizations (ECERI, CNRS…) to bring further evidence of the safety or Salveco’s formulas: :

1- A clinical study on  subjects suffering from MSC (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity):   an impressive demonstration of the acceptance of SALVECO’s biocidal formulas on a target usually intolerant to cleaning products and disinfectants in particular. The test was carried out by the European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (ECERI).

2- A pediatric study: zero health side-effects on children 3-36 months old.  SALVECO's no-rinse hand sanitizer foam becomes the first product of this type to be authorized for use by children from birth!

3- An environmental impact study: another demonstration of the non-ecotoxicity of SALVECO biocides on aquatic organisms compared to products derived from conventional chemicals. The test was carried out by one of the reputed CNRS laboratories, the LIEC (Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Continental Environments)

Dr Stéphan AUBERGER, SALVECO’s CEO: "Disinfection is a public health issue. Disinfecting without poisoning is the challenge and a very good reason for choosing the SALVECO’s disinfectant formulas! "

Read more about these results and see an excerpt from the MCS test press conference HERE