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Things are moving forward in plant based chemistry !
Newsletter - November 2019 (English)





@SALVECO presents brand
and a new product
at SINAL Exhibition on the 26th of November :

►Technological Award INOVANA

Out since October, our Hands disinfectant foam is now available.

This product is the only alternative to alcohol based hand sanitizer on the market, no alcohol, no rinse.

Alcohol based hand sanitizer are :

  • 70 % ethanol (depending on the product),
  • A recently contested action on viruses, and negative effect on our skin (irritation, increased chemical sensitivity)
  • Not compatible with an usage for babies (and with serious consequences in case of ingestion)

Our hands disinfectant foam does not contain alcohol, but an active substance naturally present in our body.
The formula is 100 % biodegradable, and will make your hands soft thanks to an hydrating agent.

And our commitment is not limited to the formula !

It is manufactured in France, in Vosges, close to our dearest frogs*,
with a 100 % recyclable packaging and soon to be 100 % recycled.


OSANIS & Salveco au coeur des Vosges en Lorraine France

*Want to learn more about our backstory with frogs ? https://osanis.com/la-marque/

Return on Biocides conference 7 & 8 October 2019, Lyon

This conference is the meeting place of european professionals concerned by biocides
(gouvernment authorities such as DGCCRF and regulatory instances such as ECHA, REACH, …).
With his presentation, Stephan Auberger takes position on regulatory complexity and healthy alternatives for public health !
He confirms that alternatives developped by SALVECO laboratory under AMMS (Simplified authorization procedure)
are a safe and durable answer for biocidal products.

Stephan Auberger, CEO Salveco, apporte son expertise au Congres biocides de LyonStephan Auberger, CEO Salveco, apporte son expertise au Congrès biocides de LyonStephan Auberger, CEO Salveco, apporte son expertise au Congrès biocides de Lyon

Salveco in the media

SALVECO is in the spotlight for its expertise and knowledge on french TV @France2

« Alerte aux produits ménagers toxiques ! » (19th October 2019)

@SALVECO was interviewed in the program « Tout compte fait » on the topic of household products.
Household products developped using petrochemistry may contain concerning ingredients
with negative effects on health.
@SALVECO develops alternative solutions of equivalent efficiency,
respectful for both our health and our environment.

With molecules extracted from plants (corn, seaweed, …),
@SALVECO green chemistry, keeps on proving

that disinfection and respect of health are not always contradictory.

► Click on the image or here to access the video on this link
Click on the image or here to access the video (6.50 min to 9.10 min and 13.35 min to 16.50 min)


► Media are talking about our technology Made By SALVECO – images are clickable –


Radio France France Bleu sud lorraine le coup du fil du jour Stephan AubergerVosges Matin zoom sur la gamme OSANIS Made by SalvecoZoom sur Salveco et osanis dans Je vois la vie en Vosges

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Loi EGalim et decrets sur les produits biocides


#EGalim law

We discussed the subject in our Newsletter of March and July 2019.
French decrees 2019-642 and 2019-643 of EGalim were applied starting on the first of October 2019.
For many biocidal product categories, this leads to an interdiction for some commercial practices
as well as and interdiction of advertising to general public.

The third decree, 2019-1052, related to the interdiction of self-service sales, was published.
The opinion of ANSES is expected on this decree, after a toxicological and risks evaluation.



You didn’t notice any difference for ou products ?
That is normal !

"Because the products made by SALVECO are under AMMS (Simplified authorization procedure),
present the lowest risk for human health,
and are not concerned by these decrees."

Stephan Auberger, CEO @SALVECO

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