Jul 18

Home-Sweet-Home: 5 tips for cleaning without polluting your home and the environment!

1.  Perfumes : prefer unscented or natural scented products

Mar 12

Women in science, why so few ?

Figures that leave no doubt:

• only 28% of researchers worldwide are women

• only 3% of Nobel prizes are  awarded to women

• only 26% of women are researchers in France

A rare exception worth mentionning: Bolivia with its 63%  women researchers!

Jan 5

You contributed to our wellbeing: THANKS !

In thanks for a formidable 2017…

 As we enter a new year…

We would like to give thanks to all our customers, suppliers and partners. To those who trusted us and contributed to spread the virtuous benefits of plant-based chemistry to new users. 

Nov 22

L'UFC-QUE Choisir Vosges lance un "S-Eau-S"

Hier SALVECO, aujourd’hui l’UFC QUE CHOISIR tire la sonnette d'alarme sur la pollution aquatique dans les Vosges !

Nov 20

Perturbateurs endocriniens, les poisons de notre quotidien

La rédaction Les Echos, dans son dossier "Perturbateurs endocriniens, les poisons de notre quotidien"  zoome sur la présence silencieuse et non moins nocive de PE, au travers d'objets ou de substances du quotidien qui nous entourent.

Sep 26

Chemical pollutants: What alternatives facing a daily exposure?

The win-win concept may have become old fashion in business but in our everyday life it is more than topical!

Jun 22

Air pollution: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), what is the real issue?

Air quality is a major public health issue and a real concern for stakeholders. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are among the major air pollutants. VOCs are defined as any compound of natural or anthropogenic origin that contains carbon and hydrogen (excluding methane).