Complete offer to meet all needs

Leveraging a technological breakthrough, SALVECO focuses on bringing it to life for its partners and customers



As a R&D centre, SALVECO® is above all things able to adjust its formulas to your needs and to answer your expectations in a partnership approach.

Production and sale of bulk formula

Our expertise comes as a range of over 50 concentrated bases, available to our partners as bulk supply in IBC containers, ready to be packaged. The efficiency of SALVECO industrial unit allows us to propose this panel of formulas in a very competitive way. Our expertise also offers a broad scope of personalization, including fragrances thanks to our database of over 50  notes 100% natural fragrances.

Full service capacity

SALVECO cares about delivering a complete support to its customers. We thus also have a packing line for small and medium runs of spray, bottles, cans, from 150 ml to 210 liters. Furthermore our subcontractor partners also allow us to propose a complete offer on other types of products (wipes, hydrodoses). SALVECO also supports you in your administrative, regulatory, and certification processes.