Delivering a promise via our products

Major characteristics of Salveco® products Benefits for users
  • 100% natural products based on plant active ingredients (essential oils…)
  • A unique, protected biotechnological process
  • Products that are 100% biodegradable for 100% of the formula (measurement performed by an independent laboratory)
  • Non-toxic to mucous membranes and skin
  • Non-ecotoxic, non-phytotoxic
  • Efficiency superior or equivalent to synthetic substances (measured through blind tests)
  • Price comparable to prices for synthetic substances
  • A production process that meets standards for sustainable development: no waste and no pollution
  • No chemical risk for users
  • No risk to the environment
  • Safe storage (non-combustible products)
  • No damage to equipment or surfaces
  • Products that meet professional safety regulations
  • Products that meet regulations for public calls for tenders
  • A large product range, adaptable to specific needs