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A unique biotechnological process

Composed exclusively of plant extracts, essential oils and water, without the addition of any chemical synthetic products, SALVECO products are the result of a unique and patented process that preserves and intensifies the natural properties of essential oils:

  • detergents, cleaners, deodorisers
  • disinfectants (bactericides and fungicides)
  • neutralisation of toxic products, breakdown of fatty substances…

Products created with this technology are completely biodegradable and proven to be efficient. Harmless to people, animals and plants, they help preserve the air, water and soil through the ecosystem’s natural mechanisms.


Chimie Verte® (Green chemistry) and essential oils

SALVECO® carefully selects the type, origin, cultivation and method of extraction for different renewable plant raw materials, and considers all of the parameters of chemical reactions, to better synthesise a useful product, without waste, using the most environmentally friendly method at the lowest cost. Through its scientific research, SALVECO® has established a correlation between the actions of essential oils and their chemical compositions, in order to produce cleansing antibacterial and antifungal products that are perfectly ecological: through a unique and patented process, we have created a product composed exclusively of plant materials, essential oils and water.

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Our products, in addition to their detergent and cleansing properties, preserve all of the virtues of natural essential oils: they are perfectly innocuous and 100% biodegradable.Moreover, their capacities for cleaning and purifying are at least equivalent to the capacities of common chemical products, with the additional advantage of completely safe usage. Essential oils make product use comfortable for the user, thanks to their particular olfactive properties (gentle and pleasant).

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Humans have always copied or imitated nature to survive and progress: it’s our turn to give back and conserve nature.