Home Care

There isn't a week that goes by without a report, an enquiry or an article blaming a product or a compound used in a household cleaning product.


Preservatives, colourings, synthetic fragrances, volatile organic compounds, the cocktail effect, endocrine disruptors... every day, people are also exposed to chemical risks by using their traditional cleaning products, the long term effects of which are only just starting to be understood.


European regulations on chemical substances have revealed over the course of their study the presence of suspected or recognised carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic compounds (CMRs) in everyday household products.


To allow you to better respond to the legitimate concerns of clients and consumers, SALVECO offers a complete range of  solutions based on its technology and thus guarantees:

  • the safest and healthiest products, without associated risks, without bioaccumulation, without substances derived from petroleum-based or synthetic sources.
  • products with a minimal environmental footprint
  • SALVECO's products allow you to offer your customers solutions for almost every need:  from liquid detergent specially adapted for babies' clothing that is 100% naturally sourced to products to disinfect all household surfaces.


The You by Salveco line was born from this technology.