Industrial cleaning, maintenance, agriculture

Whether it be in a mechanic's workshop, a renovation business, or the agri-food industry, professionals' requirements when it comes to cleaning are based on:

  • the need for immediate effectiveness
  • making maintenance easier
  • the reduction of chemical risk for employees to protect their health
  • minimising the environmental impact of their activities


Salveco's technology allows you to offer your clients in these sectors solutions which meet their expectations in many fields:

  • with products that are at least equivalent in performance to their chemical counterparts
  • with products that have reduced if not eliminated associated risks, with strengthened innocuousness for users
  • with totally biodegradable products, reducing the environmental impact of the activity


Thanks to SALVECO you will be able to start improving and helping your clients' operations in fields as varied as:

  • Industrial floor cleaning
  • Equipment maintenance and protection
  • Maintenance of exterior surfaces and roofing...
  • Surface cleaning and disinfection