Receptions, Schools, Health Establishments

Professionals have specific demands when it comes to the cleanliness of these establishments that are open to the most vulnerable people: nursery schools, schools, health establishments, support centres, retirement homes...


In order to keep children, patients and the elderly in good health, it is essential to maintain the premises at an impeccable level of hygiene to guarantee the absence of microbes and chemical residues (created by pollutants from cleaning products).


As well as optimal cleaning and disinfecting, the innocuousness of the products used for people in these establishments has to be a priority: they are fragile and thus more sensitive to irritations, asthma, etc. What's more, the staff in contact with the products have to be able to avoid the risks associated with traditional products, such as dermatitis, irritations, etc.


With products that use Salveco® technology, you can bring your customers solutions that:

  • Minimise risks and health impacts associated with the products (there are less VOCs and quaternary ammonium...) or their chemical residues
  • No risk of bioaccumulation of chemical substances
  • Effective disinfection proven on a large range of bacteria adapted to the sector’s needs
  • A minimal environmental footprint