Performing R&D Center

Formulas are developed and modified in the laboratory by our scientists (doctors, engineers and university professors).


Skills and methodology in:

  • Biology - Environment - Formulation Sciences
  • Chemistry – Organic synthesis and biomolecules
  • Molecular and colloidal chemical physics
  • Microbiology: MIC, MBC, CBF


Breakthrough in technology and skills of our lab ensure you get quality, safety, efficiency, regulatory and technological intelligence.

Production is controlled throughout the production chain, from the extraction and supply of raw materials to the final production process (bacteriological, chemical physics and chemical controls). SALVECO products represent the culmination of the perfection of new Chimie Verte®* (Green chemistry) technology. They are supported and recommended by different actors in the world of scientific industry and research.

Find out more on our unique patented biotechnological process in the ‘Dig further’ section.