Car Care


Environmental constraints, the need to respect resources, and legislation sometimes push to implement new vehicle cleaning practices. Without prior soaking and without abundant hosing down, waterless cleaning products make it possible to remove all the dirt from your vehicles and give a great shine to bodywork and rims.
The specific nature of vehicle surfaces has led SALVECO to develop a specialised line of products: plastic renovators, demisting agent, leather cleaner, fabric cleaner, chrome cleaner, rim cleaner, bodywork polish...
The original and pleasant 100% natural origin fragrances of SALVECO ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the passenger compartment after each clean.

A few examples of products:

  • Salvecar 80: Bodywork polish
  • SalveWheel 80: Rim cleaner
  • SalveTire: Tyre shiner
  • SalveClear 70: Demisting window cleaner
  • SalveNov: Plastic renovator
  • SalveKlin 300: Mosquito remover

AUTOMATED CLEANER: Automatic vehicle washer or pressure washer system

Car, bus, lorry, tractor... Vehicle maintenance requires the use of water and specific products adapted for use with an automatic vehicle washer or a pressure washer.

A few examples of products:

  • SalveCar 43: Pro bodywork shampoo
  • SalveCar 50 Foam: Active foam
  • SalveCar 50: Automatic vehicle washer shampoo
  • SalveCar 60: Water repelling treatment