Salveco's history

1994 Creation of SALVECO® by Dr S. Auberger, in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges (France)

2002 Development of the first range of cleaning products in Europe under the European Ecological

Label (Ecolabel) in the field of detergency  (FR01) B to B / B to C

2009 Launch of the first Ecocert* Professionnal and consumer market ranges of products - 100% plant-based

100% renewable resources

2011 New  worldwide Biocide patents and launch of full new ranges of biocidal and hygiene products, in France and in Europe

2011 Launch of the brand #YOU By Salveco® into the consumer market



2014 Industrial expansion, expansion of the site, of laboratories and of formulation and packaging units

2015 BPR/SMAA (Simplified procedure Market Access Authorization) for disinfectants of Salveco

2017 Penetration of french organic stores

2019 BPR/AMM Biocides by Salveco