State-of-the-art production unit

Located in the heart of the Vosges region, the industrial formulation unit of SALVECO is a unique production tool, developed in partnership with the Institut Français du Pétrole Energies nouvelles. Associated to the plant-based chemistry expertise of SALVECO®, it offers many advantages:

  • Efficiency and flexibility through the “One Pot” process which allows for the simultaneous introduction of all raw materials within a closed circuit
  • Preservation of the properties and the quality of plant materials
  • Large production capacity in a compact and 100% automated installation
  • Production flexibility: production changes are simple to perform and facilitate adaptations to client needs

Its characteristics enable the production of SALVECO formulas in a very competitive way but also with a very reduced environmental footprint:

  • Gravity feeding
  • Low power consumption
  • No production by products
  • Automated process, no mistake, thus to waste
State-of-the-art production unit Salveco

Quality control is present at every step of the production process. Raw materials used are 100% controled, as well as all our production batches thanks to microbiological and physicochemical analysis, to ensure the best quality for our products.

The packaging line allows us to meet the core needs of our partners on short/middle sized runs and enables us to propose a full service capacity on a very broad assortment of sizes and packagings.

Located on its own ground, with space to grow, SALVECO has the capacity to answer your needs thanks to its flexibility.